Tethered Airship System

Due to earthquakes, floods ,military conflict and other disasters, ground communications networks were interrupted and blind spots were extisted; due to large gatherings, communication expansion and safety monitoring are necessary .

The emergency communication vehicle cannot get close to disaster area, the high-altitude base station can be used in connection with ground station or satellite communication ways to ensure the emergency communication and monitoring requirements in the area.

The high-altitude base station program mainly uses flying airship to carry 4G equipment, optical-electric pods, radar and other loads to achieve long-distance coverage, to avoid terrain undulations, using VOLTE to solve emergency voice communications and image monitoring.


  • Size: 34 m
  • Volume: 2100 m3
  • Fly Altitude: 2000m
  • Wind Resistance : 25km/h
  • Effective payload: ≥ 200kg
  • Endurance: ≥ 15day
  • Electro-optical pod: visible light +infrared +Aerial camera
  • Communication cover range ≥ 20km radius
  • Expand time ≤ 4hours 
  • Lifting time ≤ 1hour 
  • Output power ≥ 3000W
  • Anti-thunder grade ≥50KA/50C


The system is widely used because of its simple structure, flexible lifting, good safety, low price, reusable and strong maintainability. Our tethered blimp is mainly used to communicate with the earth, to observe and carrying experiments. Our design idea is that the project  is safe and reliable, multi-purpose, parts and materials are as localized as possible, and it has good operability and practicability.

Airship including:

  • Environmental pressure control system:
  • Emergency system 
  • Electric(SSPS105 steering engine)
  • Airworthy system Navigation lights, transponders  .etc
  • Anti-thunder system
  • Software design
  • Ground station system and Telecommunication link 
  • Energy system (with battery and management )
  • Rotary connector and Torsion device (with tension sensor)

Tethered System:

  • Length: 2500m
  • Frequency of collection and release: > 200 times
  • Environment temperature:-40~70℃
  • Tensile strength: > 70000N
  • The tethered cable requires moisture-proof treatment, working life > two years
  • The density of tethered rope: <300g/m (with shielding layer )
  • Composite cables need to be integrated with fiber optic cable. Optical fiber cable uses 2 single mode optical fibers. It is expected that the signal transmitted to 10Gbps through this pair of optical fibers
  • Three sets of rotary connectors
  • Resistance: <20 ohm/km


  • Basic Structure of Mooring Vehicle
  • Helium storage and Recovery Vehicles
  • Optical-electric Pod
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