Advertising Balloons

Manufacture of Inflatable Tents,3D Inflatable Cartoon,Air Dancer & Customize Advertising Balloon

Our Service & Features

Customize in Inflatable Tents, 3D Inflatable Mascot , Inflatable Air Balloons , Air Dancer and Inflatable Arch

Easy to Use

Few minutes Installation and has the ability to be move while installed

Easy to Maintain

All parts are separable and made by CNC Machines

Customized Order

Give us a drawing, we manufacture it same with it as your expection

Working On

It has almost been 20 years since we build Inflatable Tent, 3D Inflatable Cartoons, Air Dancer & Customize Air Balloons, we had a group of women and men with complementary skills, to develop an international network to promote the concept, to listen to our customers and to keep on developing products to offer a complete range of product.

What we can do Best ?

Focus on Inflatable Tents, 3D Inflatable Cartoon, Air Dancer & Customized Air Balloons with 20 years experience.

What do we have, what different with other factories? We have skilled workers (most of them working on 10 years) ,We have experience ( more than 20 years ), We have new technical, We have new material and new machine. We provide Great and Excellent quality products, better service (One to One Service), Competitive prices and Prompt Delivery we are now looking forward to even greater cooperation with overseas customers based on mutual benefits

Mr Forest - CEO

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