High Pressure Helium Gas Inflator

  • Connector Out-Let CGA580 (US) or G5/8 thread (General) With Helium Cylinder
  • Air Pressure Regulator 
  • Air Pressure Reducer – Max Air Pressure Input 25Mpa (From Helium Cylinder) End Max Air Pressure 2.5Mpa To Balloon
  • 3m Long High-Quality Hose
  • Quick Connector
  • Plastic Connector According To Balloon Valve With Air Stop Function


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You Can Inflate Helium By Yourself

No need Rent Local Service

Fast Connect

Work With Helium Cylinder Max 25Mpa


Balloon Inflate Vavle

inflator connector


helium inflator quick connector

Quick Connector

hose inflator

3m Hose

Air Pressure Regulator